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Control and professionalize your email communications

TUXEDO is an exciting, unique, robust and flexible system that turns simple internal or external email delivery into a targeted marketing campaign.

Simply design and configure your image and textual banners via the TUXEDO Web solution. Define any target groups for your banners and TUXEDO will display your campaign within each mail sent inside or outside your organization whilst preserving the original message.

TUXEDO allows you to control your internal and external communications whilst monitoring in real time the impact of your campaigns.

A flexible, intuitive and complete
email media space solution.

Innovative and Smart communication channel

TUXEDO is a 100% web application allowing you to standardize and control all your internal and external email communications. TUXEDO transforms your mailing communication in an interactive, powerful and measurable media space. Enhance your emails with dynamics banners that each reader can click on in order to be directly linked to your website or any other media space. TUXEDO enhances the look and feel of your emailing communication whilst preserving the clarity of your initial message. Avoid any spamming effect with TUXEDO thanks to its embedded media banners within your message.

User friendly solution

TUXEDO web interface has been specially designed for an intuitive and easy navigation. Users can easily manage all operations such as launching, editing and deleting campaigns, add publications and monitor the statistics

Fully transparent application for end users

TUXEDO intercepts each email sent from your organization and applies the media communication transparently. Senders do not need to care about which campaign to apply and for which audience.

Secured and measurable communication channel

TUXEDO is a secured web application. TUXEDO administrator can define user rights and monitor the returns of the campaigns via dynamics graphical statistics.

Harmonize and control your email campaigns

When you want to communicate any event to your internal or external customers, no need any more to ask to all your employees to apply any specific message within their email signature and to risk discrepancies in layouts. With TUXEDO, make sure that each email communication displays the same media message.

Use TUXEDO for:

TUXEDO can be used at any time in order to:
  1. Control and harmonize your internal and external email communications;
  2. Impose your branding;
  3. Inform your clients about specific services and products;
  4. Communicate with impact;
  5. Identify potential interested clients about your products/services thanks to their navigation throughout your media banners;
  6. Generate traffic on your website;
  7. Launch satisfaction survey;
  8. Many other reasons.